Wedding Videography

I have been actively making wedding videos since the beginning of 2010. This includes shooting the ceremony, the bride and groom taking the pictures, the reception, and everything inbetween.

Weddings are personal, so I strive to bring the couples personality to their wedding videos through style, editing, and graphics. So that each newlywed recieves a wedding video unique to them.

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Homework Express

I was a producer and director for a live, educational call-in math TV show called Homework Express. The show reached out, over the air, to a large population of kids. Being a director and producer gave me the leadership to take control of the show and build it to what I believed it should be.

I was involved in the show from 2007 to 2011. This allowed a lot of air time for the field videos I shot, edited, and producted for the twice Emmy nominated show. "Beyond Our Earth" is a segment that I created that features pieces about the solar system. Other videos I have made for the show include commercials, how-to's, math help, and events going on involving children in the area.

Check out more of my videos on my YouTube Channel