Website Design

I have been educated and experienced in the world of web design. I'm familiar with the content management systems Joomla and Drupal. I can also create a website from scratch, like the one you are looking at right now!

I currently do freelance work for a company called Chicago48. The company finds poorly designed websites and redesigns the company to give it a new brand such as a new logo, banners, and a website. Many of the websites are given to to me to be built up from nothing, which requires communication with the client and a good designers dedication.



When you look at Walmart, you know exactly what it is, whether you're in Ohio or California. Branding plays a huge role in the success of a company, and the logo is the first step. Each company should have its own personality, and I match the logo with the feel of the company. Imagine if someone looked at your company and they instantly knew who you were, and what you did. The logo would market the business itself!

I have done logos for multiple different companies, and here are just a few.



What will a design look like on paper? How will it look when it's much larger than a computer monitor? Print requires a designer to be more cautious about colors, resolution, and size. It is a different art.


Weddings Covers and Menus

When a bride and groom get their wedding video, the first thing they see is the cover. I want to cover and menu to represent the actual video in a positive way. Not only do they need to look great, they must match the personality of the wedding, the video, and the bride and groom.

I have been actively making wedding videos since the beginning of 2010. This includes shooting the ceremony, the bride and groom taking the pictures, the reception, and everything inbetween.

Check out my wedding videos on my videography page.